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Between sculpture and photography – between the physical and the transient – Jakob Hunosøe’s works unfold. In his pictures, the everyday world of objects is put together in unusual constellations. In one of the photographs, a vacuum jug is balancing on the reversed shade of a floor lamp; here, the two objects go surprisingly well together. At the very moment that the balancing act succeeds, a small tableau occurs, a tableau harmonized in terms of colour and form; a possibility that can only be realized in one single moment and is maintained in the photograph as a permanent state.  

By manipulating everyday objects, Hunosøe stages a series of special sculptural moments to be immortalized by the camera. A red tomato shines like a coloured light bulb from a plug outlet, the glass part of a coffee maker swells up in soft bulges, a pile of beer glass balances, supporting a banister. The innate sculptural potential of rather common objects such as chairs, lamps, radiators, kitchen utensils, bathroom equipment, rackets and tools are released in the photograph. 

Balloon in coffee press 2012. Archival Fiber Print. Framed (museum glass) 46,5x46,5 cm. Edition of 5.
Thermos placed on lamp
Thermos placed on lamp 2012. Archival Fiber Print. Framed (museum glass) 46,5x46,5 cm. Edition of 5.
glasses replacing_20_40x408
Glasses replacing banister post 2009. Digital C-print. 40x40 cm. Edition of 5.
Wine bottle replacing light bulb 2012. Archival Fiber Print. Framed (museum glass). 46,5x46,5 cm. Edition of 5.
Transparent plastic attached to lamp 2012. Archival Fiber Print. Framed (museum glass) 46,5x46,5 cm. Edition of 5
TV screen covered with cardboard 2012. Archival Fiber Print. Framed (museum glass) 46,5x46,5 cm. Edition of 5.
Radiator decorated with yarn 2012. Archival Fiber Print, framed (museum glass) 46,5x46,5 cm. Edition of 5.
toilet-roll 20_40x407
Toilet roll loosened 2010. Digital C-print. 40x40 cm. Edition of 5.

Born 1975 in Denmark

Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark
Educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1998 – 2004 (MFA)

Selected exhibitions 2004-2013

2013 STATE OF THE ART, Group Show, Carlsberg
2012 PAPER MATCH,Group Show, Halmlageret,Carlsberg
2012 OUR SUMMER IS YOUR WINTER, Group Show, USQ Gallery, Australia
2012 OUT OF ORDER, Solo show, Peter Lav Gallery
2011 TETRIS, Traneudstillingen, with Jeanette Hillig
2011 WORK IN PROGRESS, Group show, Tove´s galleri
2011 APRIL FOOL´S, gruppeudstilling, SpaceCamp Gallery, Indianapolis, US
2011 ON ORDINARY DAYS, Galleri Progres, Horsens
2011 BYOB, videoscreening, Nikolaj Kunsthal with Thomas Boström
2011 EFTER STORMEN?, Group show, Tøjhusmuseet
2010 KOPI, Group show, Atelier 59
2010 SWAP, Art fair, Barcelona
2010 MARKET 2010, Stockholm Art fair
2010 ON THINGS ORDINARY, Solo show, Peter Lav Gallery
2009 YOUR SMILEY FACE, Group show, Gallery Esplanaden 3
2009 NAIL SOUP, Group show
2009 BLACK & WHITE, Group show, Atelier 59
2009 PLAT(T)FORM 09, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Schweiz
2008 SMALL FORMAT, Group show, Peter Lav Gallery
2008 BLACKLIGHT, Basement, Vesterbro, curated by Timebandits
2008 BEST BOOK OF 2008 with Episode, Danish Craft Museum
2007 EPISODE, Releases the book Episode with Thomas Boström
2007 FULL MOON MIRROR, Solo show, Peter Lav Gallery
2007 VISITING ISLAND, Group show during residency, Reykjavik
2007 APPARATUR at Decembristerne, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
2007 OVERGANGE, Gammelgaard
2007 APPARATUR 15, Contributes to Apparatur 15, art magazine
2007 SUPERMARKET, Koh-I-Noor, Art fair, Stockholm
2006 OUT OF THE ORDINARY, Solo show, Peter Lav Gallery
2006 KULTURO, Contributes to KULTURO # 23 – PROVINS, art magazine
2005 GÆSTFRIHED, Group show, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
2005 YOUNG DANISH PHOTOGRAPHY ´05, Danish Centre of Photography 
2005 THE ONE PICTURE SHOW, Nørrebro Artspace
2005 THE YOUNG ARTISTS, Faaborg Museum
2004 EXIT 2004, Gl Strand
2004 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, Galerie Asbæk
2004 360 M2, Kunstmuseet Køge Skitsesamling

Prizes and Grants
2011 Danish Art Council, work grant
2011 Danish Art Council, exhibition grant
2011 Awarded a one month residency in Berlin by JP´s Foundation
2010 Danish Art Council, exhibition grant 
2007 Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse
2007 Danish Art Council
2007 Best Art Book of 2007 for Episode
2006 Danish Art Council, travel grant
2006 Becket- Foundation (for publication)
2006 Ragnvald og Ida Blix Foundation (for publication)
2006 Toyota- Foundation (for publication)
2006 Grosserer L. F. Foghts Foundation, travel grant
2005 Carl Møllers Foundation, travel grant


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